Bogotá Change

12 Jun

Last month L’Antic Teatre in Barcelona was hosting a documentary event called “Urbanoscopio” ( that showcases documentaries that portray urban change, for better or worse.

“URBANOSCOPIO is a documentary film festival portraying diverse urban phenomena and transformation processes, aiming at inciting public debate and discussion on these issues. A festival open to both the general public as well as the professionals involved in these processes. The festival presents itself as a journey landing on different spots on the plante to observe both unique examples of city building as well tipologies that are repeated very similarly on very different contexts, turning into practical lessons of urban planning portraying both successes and failures, generating the debate on the way we inhabit the cities and therefore how do we dwell on the planet.”

I had the pleasure to attend the May session which featured a documentary called “Bogotá Change”, an amazing story of the urban transformation that happened in Bogotá during the terms as Mayors of Peñalosa and Antanas Mockus. The feature is proof that with the right leadership, and the lack of corruptive governments, cities in Latin America can decrease crime and improve the lives of its citizens. This documentary is hopeful, moving and at times hilarious thanks to characters such as Antanas Mockus and his mother.


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