Black and Latino

12 Jan

What does it mean to be Black and Latino today? This video by Mun2 is shares the identity struggles that we black or mulatos face.

In Dominican Republic, I remembered I never considered myself as being black (because in reality I am a light skin Mulata), but when you come here is a different story.

Everyone saw me as Hispanic or Latina, because that is what I look like. But yet I was expected to act as a “latina”, “Dominican” or as I like to clarify as a DominicanYol.

In college I never fitted into the stereotype of Latinos or Dominicans from New York, therefore I never quite made a click with them, I was just not “Dominican” enough because I didn’t wear tight jeans, the latest sneakers, long nails nor did I displayed the Dominican Flag whenever possible.

But in a way coming to America forces us to question our identity, how do people see me? how do I want to be seen? I’m I black? I’m I Latina? I’m I white? And the answer is none and all of them at the same time.

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