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M.I.A. “Born Free”

26 Apr

When I first read this video was not being shown in the states , I thought is probably Americans just being puritan and over reacting. But WOW!  this video is not only disturbing, it is extremely violent. However, the video is amazingly shot, a great short story charged of political messages….oppression, racial profiling, discrimination, military, resistance, war, bombs….

Maybe sometimes we have to see things “puro y duro” to makes us realize this is real life, this is what happens…and guess what? is all with our tax money….the most disturbing this video is that this happens in real life.

To watch the video click here:

P.S.: redheads in red keffiyehs throwing rocks= BRILLIANT

La hora de volve

23 Mar

Rita Indiana´s catchy “alternative merengue” is already a hit but I never get tired of sharing it. It clearly reflects the Dominican diaspora, the hardships of immigrating to the United States and the feeling of coming back every Dominican feels.

To download the tune: