Music above fighting

5 May

” Music Above Fighting “. The story follows two people from opposing sides singing Imagine by John Lennon to one another through a dividing wall and shows people who are trying to live and communicate through music, a powerful language that goes beyond bombs, fighting and differences.

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I am Yasuni

5 Apr

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In the heart of the Amazon, within Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park, there are 846 million barrels of oil, equivalent to 20% of the country’s reserves, located in the ITT field. The Yasuní National Park contains the world’s most extensive biodiversity, and is home to two tribes who have voluntarily remained isolated from civilization, the Tagaeri and Taromenane. In 2007, the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa announced at the United Nations’ General Assembly the country’s commitment to preserve indefinitely these reserves. In return, President Correa asks for the international community’s co-responsibility to preserve the environment, by asking contributions totaling 3.6 billion dollars over 13 years, equivalent to less than 50% of the oil’s estimated market value. The funds are administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and will fund projects that meet defined objectives, thus guaranteeing transparency and effective use of resources.


Entrevista a JOSE LUIS SAMPEDRO en “Salvados”

31 Jan

José Luis Sampedro, economista, humanista y filosófo Español, habla sobre el dinero, el capitalismo, y la vida.

Excelente consejos nos da Sampedro de una manera entrañable.


Mass Evictions at Pinheirinho: Favela Residents Confront Brazil’s Development Boom

31 Jan


Anita Tijoux “Shock”

29 Jan

Ya salio el nuevo disco de Anita. El primer single “Shock” esta dedicado a los estudiantes de Chile que llevan casi un año demandando y protestando por una educación gratuita. Pero la canción no solo le va a Chile sino a los indignados de España, los del 4% en República Dominicana, a los de la UPR o a cualquiera que considere que “la educación en un derecho social”.


Black and Latino

12 Jan

What does it mean to be Black and Latino today? This video by Mun2 is shares the identity struggles that we black or mulatos face.

In Dominican Republic, I remembered I never considered myself as being black (because in reality I am a light skin Mulata), but when you come here is a different story.

Everyone saw me as Hispanic or Latina, because that is what I look like. But yet I was expected to act as a “latina”, “Dominican” or as I like to clarify as a DominicanYol.

In college I never fitted into the stereotype of Latinos or Dominicans from New York, therefore I never quite made a click with them, I was just not “Dominican” enough because I didn’t wear tight jeans, the latest sneakers, long nails nor did I displayed the Dominican Flag whenever possible.

But in a way coming to America forces us to question our identity, how do people see me? how do I want to be seen? I’m I black? I’m I Latina? I’m I white? And the answer is none and all of them at the same time.